Maple Bowl

Always Cold-Pressed

We love cold-pressing and so will you. It’s the best way to get all the nourishment the natural world can provide in a bottle. Cold-pressed means no heat or friction to break down the nutrients of fruits and veggies, and it leaves a colorful, tasty, and pure bottle.

No Preservatives

Our juicing process is free of the high pressure preservative process that is used on so many juices found in stores. Using a preservative process will break down the enzymes and nutrients in the juice and take away all that good stuff. Isn’t that the best part?

Organic Please

You’ve probably heard organic and non-GMO all over the place these past few years and that’s for good reason. The nutrients from juice are amazing, but produce should also be pesticide free. The Grove’s priority is “organic-first” and we do everything to make it possible.

Maple Bowl



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