Food Revolution

Choose Local. Choose Organic.

The Grove will always make an effort to use the freshest ingredients that are locally-sourced and pesticide free. We know that people hear the terms organic and non-GMO all over the place in marketing these days, and probably wonder what it's all about. To us, it means providing our customers with not only the healthiest options available, but also the smartest, so we keep costs down and theproduct plentiful. We use the following local farmers and suppliers for our drinks and food.

healthy food in buffalo, ny

Arden Farm's fruit and vegetables are grown in a sustainable way, only using the healthiest soil amendments and plant protection. Arden Farm strives to grow food that is healthy for your family and our environment.

healthy food in buffalo, ny

The kombucha in our smoothies is straight from the local phenomenon known as Bootleg Bucha. Not only are these people some of the nicest around, but they also clearly care about the product. We used to go through all the big names in the kombucha industry, but none have come close to Bootleg.

healthy food in buffalo, ny

Plato Dale Farm is a small family farm in Curriers, NY. They raise 100% grassfed beef, pasture raised chickens that are fed certified organic grains and certified organic vegetables. They also supply some of the best Russian Kale around.

healthy food in buffalo, ny

Senek Farms are our go to for local apples. Their farm in Ransomville, NY has some magic trees which produce some of the best tasting apples any of us have ever had the pleasure of juicing.

healthy food in buffalo, ny

Kornerstone Coffee has been bringing superior coffee beans to the Western New York area and are currently beginning distribution throughout the entire U.S. We are partial to the organic Nicaragua Paraiso ourselves!

healthy food in buffalo, ny

Promised Land CSA at Oles Family Farm is a community-supported agriculture program that grows food for farm member families. The fields are home to nearly 100 varieties of vegetables and fruits grown without the use of synthetic chemicals.

We Clean Up Well

One of the most overlooked parts of juicing is the water which the fruits and vegetables are cleaned with. We use filtered water so that there are no contaminants and each one of our ingredients is cleaned thoroughly with a solution containing some of the best natural cleaning agents there are:

  • Sunflower oil
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Orange oil
  • Lemon oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Food Grade Peroxide
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